WATCH: Jeff Gordon Pranks Journalist With Fake Police Chase

NASCAR star Jeff Gordon followed up last year's test driving stunt by punking one of the journalists who called it out as a fake.

In a video posted to YouTube by Pepsi, which helped orchestrate the prank, along with the journalists' own editors, Jalopnik's Travis Okulski is seen trapped in the back seat of a taxi during a high speed police chase with an "ex-con" cab driver at the wheel.

The so-called ex-con was Gordon, who put on a goatee and an Army cap to hide his identity. In the video, Gordon is seen picking up Okulski, who was staying at a hotel in Charlotte under the assumption that he flew to North Carolina to test drive and write about the brand new Corvette Z06 for, Gawker's sister blog about automobiles.

In the video, Okulski screams at Gordon to slow down and even attempts to call 911 for help. At one point, he is seen kicking the plexiglass that separates the driver from the passenger. Okulski details the ordeal in a blog post on Jalopnik.

"I thought I was going to die. I yelled, I banged the glass, I actually tried to kick through the plexiglass window between the driver and me," Okulski wrote. "I pulled out my phone to call 911, but couldn't keep it steady enough to dial."

Last year, Okulski poked holes in Gordon's Pepsi prank that featured a scared car salesman on a stomach-turning joy ride. He wrote an article about the acting job for Jalopnik and called it "100 percent fake." Pepsi teamed up with a former Jalopnik editor to get back at Okulski and prove once and for all Gordon's prowess as a stunt car driver. And it worked.

"So, just as I was able to say with total certainty that the first Pepsi Test Drive ad was totally fake, I can say with total certainty that this second Pepsi Test Drive ad is unequivocally, one hundred percent, totally, absolutely real," Okulski said.

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