J-Lo and Marc: What Happened?

Now that the initial bombshell has been dropped, it's time for people to start asking "Why?"

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony announced the end of their nearly seven-year marriage on July 15th, and since then the blame game has been in full swing. Unnamed "sources" are citing everything from non-stop arguing to infidelity to career mismanagement as the cause of the break-up.

According to outlets such as People magazine, the truth may be...a little bit of everything.

The predominant rumor is that Anthony was extremely controlling of Lopez's career - and that his advice had been less than helpful. Tongues are wagging that it's no coincidence that the last time Lopez had a standout role in a critically acclaimed film was 1998's "Out of Sight" alongside George Clooney for director Steven Soderbergh. Since then, she has been mired in, at best, forgettable and, at worst, deplorable, romantic comedies.

Anthony also allegedly took issue with Lopez's sexy image, and even micro-managed her wardrobe.

However, People magazine is also reporting that the couple will remain business partners, which may contradict the notion that the break-up was entirely career-based. According to a statement from Anthony, the couple have "come to an amicable conclusion on all matters."

As for the infidelity claims (some sources claim Lopez hooked up with music video hunk William Levy, others say Anthony was the unfaithful one), they seem to be largely "he said, she said" without a tremendous amount of foundation.

As details emerge and both sides begin to open up, the picture will undoubtedly become clearer. But for now, we'll just take claims - such as Us Weekly's most recent assertion that Lopez's mother has reached out to former flame Ben Affleck for advice - with a grain of salt.

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