Ivan Reitman Damns “Ghostbusters 3” With Faint Praise

Our "Ghostbusters 3" fatigue is approaching DefCon 4. And frankly, to read what Ivan Reitman has to say about the film it doesn't sound like he's too psyched about it, either.

It turns out that there's a finished script in hand that is "a very good script," according to Reitman, one that's "good enough to do, to take the risk of doing again," before adding that, "Nothing you've read on the Internet is accurate."

Wow, "good enough"? We can't wait!

The sad fact is that Reitman hasn't made a good movie in two decades (and "No Strings Attached" doesn't seem to be threatening that streak), Bill Murray doesn't want to do it, Dan Aykroyd burned up the last of his street cred making "Yogi Bear," and, let's face it, "Ghostbusters" simply wasn't that funny. So why can't the Internet shut up about it?

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