In the Name of Ra, Make Angelina Jolie Cleopatra

Somehow the idea of Angelina Jolie as Cleopatra just seems to make sense. And the casting story for the female lover of the ages blew like sand across the desert on Thursday.

It started with a Book Buzz article in USA Today that quoted producer Scott Rudin's office saying such a Cleopatra project "is being developed for and with Jolie."

Odd wording. But this makes sense since Rudin has purchased the rights for "Cleopatra: A Life,"  author Stacy Shiff's upcoming buzzworthy work. Nevermind that Jolie's schedule is packed with movies and saving the world for the next 25 years. Let's talk about making this Cleopatra thing happen.

When questioned about the Queen of the Nile's look, author Shiff said, "we have little idea of what she actually looked like." Wrong answer. We all know she looked like either Elizabeth Taylor or Angelina Jolie. Everyone knows this.

Shiff eventually warmed up and said that Jolie had "the perfect look." How she managed to change her mind in the course of three paragraphs is beyond us, but at least it's the right answer. Angelina Jolie is Cleopatra just like Madonna is Eva Peron. It's a Hollywood fact. Bow down to it.

Heck, we saw the look before in the dire film "Alexander."  The movie sucked, but her immortal image lives. Imagine what she could do with a character like Cleopatra!

Of course, this would lead to the inevitable thought of Brad Pitt as Mark Antony or Julius Ceasar. By Zeus, that needs to be banished immediately. You agree if you sat through "Troy." The closest Brad Pitt should ever come to Roman battle attire again is a field trip to the Met with Maddox.

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