Saw VI Gets Slapped With X Rating in Spain

The Film Institute cited extreme violence in its decision

Spanish horror fans will have a hard time finding Saw VI in theaters unless they've already caught a porn flick on the silver screen.

The Spanish Culture Ministry's Film Institute gave the film the country's first-ever violence-driven X-rating, relegating it to one of the country's eight theaters that are licensed to show pornographic material, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"I have followed, as usual, the proposal of the Cinematographic Film Ratings Commission," Film Institute Ignasi Guardans told The Hollywood Reporter. "I could have acted differently, but I haven't found any reason to do so. Indeed, the money invested cannot be the reason to decide the rating of a film."

Buena Vista Distribution, the film's distributor, had initially planned for a wide release with 300 copies. The distributor has appealed the decision, but as of last week had not commented on the Film Institute's decision.

Back in the United States, the film's opening was less than stellar. Saw VI took the No. 2 spot at the box office this weekend with just $14.8 million, the worst opening ever for the Lionsgate series. The original film, which opened in 2004, held the previous record at $18.3 million.

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