I Want My DVD: Lie On The Couch And Laugh

These new releases are beyond hilarious

One of the funniest movies in recent memory (assuming you like Paul Rudd), one of the greatest TV shows ever (depending on how you feel about Southern belles) and one of the awesomest on-demand movies ever (entirely contingent on how you feel about things that are awesome) are all coming out this week, so get to your DVD store or your on-demand TV menu and purchase the following.

I Love You, Man
Not having seen this movie in theaters, I was prepared to not like it very much on DVD, but this may be one of my favorite movies of all time now. Paul Rudd's square character is lovably, subtly adorkable, and while Jason Segal's character is incredibly unlikable in so many ways, he usually turns out to be the more rational and logical of the two. Round it out with a funny-when-the-role-requires-her-to-be Rashida Jones, a genially self-mocking Lou Ferrigno and an over-the-top Thomas Lennon and Joe Lo Truglio as disappointing man-dates, and you've got a new classic.

17 Again
Not a prequel to 18 Again, but possibly a distant-future sequel to High School Musical, where Zac Efron's character has grown up to be Matthew Perry. Kinda takes HSM to a new, depressing level, huh?

Designing Women: Season 2
...How have we survived this long?

I Sell the Dead
Dominic Monaghan. Ron Perlman. Zombies. Three great tastes that taste great together. And although it just came out in theaters last week, you can already watch this gothic grave-robbing comedy in the comfort of your home, via IFC's Midnight Movies on-demand service. You're welcome.

90210: The Complete Season 1
Finally, you can watch the epic saga of Brenda and Kelly and Silver and, uh, Bianca, and, er, whoever else is on this show all in one sitting. Remove all sharp objects and medications from the house first.

The City: Season One
To all of you who don't live in New York City, this is exactly what it's like. It's all one constant battle of wills between the uptowners and the downtowners, played out in bars and on couches in luxury apartments. It's what Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl" is all about.

Alien Trespass
We don't know if it's the faux-'50s styling, Eric McCormack smoking a pipe or the presence of Kevin Arnold's dad from The Wonder Years, but something about this movie makes us feel slightly off-kilter. Maybe it's the softcore porn-sounding title -- shouldn't Shannon Tweed be in this?

Road Trip: Beer Pong
We are shocked that the artistic integrity of the first Road Trip movie has been compromised by this shameful, straight-to-DVD, only-DJ-Qualls-would-come-back sequel. Apparently some dude from Twilight is in it, too -- we only know that because we were offered an interview with him, but we couldn't think of anything to ask him beyond, "Is the tagline to this movie really 'Get Your Balls Wet'?"

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Collection
If only this were the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Criterion Collection. Now that would be classy.

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