Hurricanes Left Texas, Puerto Rico Teens Scrambling for Normal

"Kids are having to grow up a whole lot faster through this," one school administrator said

Teenagers in southeastern Texas and central Puerto Rico have had their lives altered forever by the hurricanes that devastated the regions last year, NBC News reports.

Students are saying goodbye to friends who are leaving, struggling to help parents dealing with the turmoil and attending classes that aren't yet back at full capacity.

"Kids are having to grow up a whole lot faster through this because parents are dealing with wrecked homes and insurance companies and all that," said Molly Adams, director of federal programs in Aransas Independent School District in Texas, which reported that 96 percent of the student body experienced homelessness after Hurricane Harvey.

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Hurricane Maria left the Marta Lafontaine school in Caonlillas, Puerto Rico, with only partial power and sporadic running water as late as mid-April — months after the storm — and nearly half the number of students.

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