“Hunger Games” DVD: Cast Reveal Behind-the-Scenes Secrets

Amandla Stenberg and Jacqueline Emerson talk about bloopers, playing dead and "Catching Fire."

It's time to get reaped, citizens of Panem — over and over and over again (shout-out to Effie Trinket!). Because the odds are ever in your favor, and it is finally time for "The Hunger Games" to arrive on DVD.

To celebrate Katniss and company ditching the Capitol for the comfort of every fan's home, we chatted with two standout tributes from the first film of the "H.G." saga. And Amandla Stenberg (Rue) and Jacqueline Emerson (Foxface) happily spilled some behind-the-scenes secrets to keep in mind on your second (or third, or fourth viewing).

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1. Katniss the Sloppy Smoocher? So says Jackie and Amandla! We asked the gals if there was anything to watch for this go-round — you know, those real specific details that only the actors would know about. There aren't any loopholes, per say, but there is what Amandla describes as a "gross spit bubble."

"During [Rue's] death, [Jennifer Lawrence] kisses her head and it leaves a little spit bubble and every time we see it we just crack up," Jacqueline explained, causing Amandla to confess, "Everyone is always making fun of me because of that."

2. A Tree by Any Other Name: There's no blooper real on the DVD (we were sad too, trust us!), but Amandla was happy to fill us in on one of her personal flubs that you will surely remember while rewatching:

"One time, Jen and I were filming in this tree and we kept sliding down, so I found this little hole in the tree where I could sit," Amandla told us. "Right before we're about to go, they call 'Action!' and I start sliding down and I freaked out so I yelled out, 'Wait, wait! I can't find my butt hole!' And everyone started cracking up, and I really hope that they saved that, that'd be hilarious to watch."

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3. Grab Your Gas Masks: "There were a lot of funny bloopers. I think the funniest was probably when we were filming the training center scene," Jacqueline laughed to us. "We were all standing around and one of the tributes, who shall remain unnamed, walked all the way across the platform right when Gary [Ross] called rolling, stood in front of Jack Quaid and let out a massive fart, then walked back to his place, right as Gary called action."

Effie would never! Jackie continued, "We all just lost it. Like, everybody was cracking up and we finally kind of pulled ourselves together, doing the scene and then you see [Alexander Ludwig]'s shoulders start to shake and Dayo Okeniyi's head goes down to the floor and everyone loses it again and Gary was just like 'OK, go home.'"

4. A Summer to Remember: We asked the girls what their favorite scene to film was and one answer may surprise you. "I have to say probably the bloodbath scene, the big fight at the Cornucopia," Jacqueline admitted. "With anything that kind of happened with the Cornucopia field, I think about how we'd all be playing ninja and Concentration and frisbee and stuff behind the scenes. We called it Camp "Hunger Games," it was like a glorified version of summer camp."

So next time you're watching all those poor little tributes get slaughtered, remember, there was plenty of singing and dancing going on between takes. Makes it all seem a little more, uh, fun, right?!

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5. Die Another Day: As you surely know by now (assuming you've seen that first flick, that is) neither Rue nor Foxface make it out of the arena...well, certainly not alive that is. There are spears and poisonous berries and lots of resting in peace.

"It was actually unbelievably fun," Jackie explained about filming her death scene. "It was hard not to blink... [What I saw it in the movie] I started laughing really hard the first time I saw it, which I don't think was the appropriate response. But it just happened... I felt like I was watching somebody else."

Amandla (who admitted that fans cry when they meet her because they're happy she's alive) says, "It's a strange experience...It was weirder to watch than it was to film, because I went with my friends and family and they're all crying and I was like, 'I'm right here!'"

Bonus: Since a new crop of tributes are currently casting up to enter the arena, we had to ask the tributes of "Hunger Games" past if they had any arena advice for the new crew:

Jackie advised: "I wish that I had done more training because I had such a good time... I had to do all these obstacle courses and leap over four-foot high blocks and stuff, it was just an absolutely blast. The first time I've ever been excited to work out. So, if you do get to train, enjoy it." Whereas Amandla was a bit more practical: "Bring a lot of bug spray!"

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