How to Create the Outdoor Kitchen of Your Dreams

Here's how to build your own private outdoor oasis

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One of the first things we all want to do as the weather warms up is spend time outside.

And what better way to enjoy the outdoors than with your very own backyard kitchen and grilling area, especially if you enjoy hosting and cooking great food in an outdoor space?

It's like having all the comforts of a real kitchen at your fingertips while enjoying all Mother Nature has to offer.

In this Season 9 episode of "George to the Rescue," George Oliphant and his team transformed the Gonzalez family's backyard into an outstanding outdoor oasis.

So how did they do it?

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How to Create an Outdoor Kitchen

First, decide what you want in your outdoor kitchen and choose a layout.

In this episode, George teamed up with Coyote Outdoor Living and designer Kerrie Kelly for help.

They selected a ready-to-assemble 8-foot outdoor island that holds several appliances to turn your backyard into a grilling paradise in no time.

We're talking about a large stainless steel grill, refrigerator, smoker and even spaces for storage -- all in one big island.

"It cuts down the construction time and really gives that instant gratification in putting together an 8-foot island in a half-day or less," Kelly said.

Leave the installation to the professionals so they can ensure everything is hooked up properly - making it easier for you to just start cooking.

Designing Your Backyard Kitchen Table

You have the huge island, gorgeous grill, and smoker ready. Now you need a place to enjoy all of the delicious food you've made. So you have to have a kitchen table, right?

Kelly suggests designing your outdoor eating space in layers, starting with a durable rug. Choose outdoor furniture, a table and chairs that fit the size of your family's needs and your backyard area.

Place the table and chairs on top of the rug. Now the fun part begins! Add pops of color to your tabletop by layering placemats, napkins, silverware, and dishes to each place setting. This creates a welcoming spot for your friends and family to gather together.

Outdoor Kitchen Decor Ideas

There are many ways to decorate your outdoor kitchen to feel like an extension of your home.

For example, you can go big and bold with color! Choose bright hues to paint accessories such as a bar cart or extra storage shelves. Or add pops of vibrant colors with things like outdoor throw pillows and cushions for the chairs at your outdoor kitchen table. Look for other ways to add color with napkin holders and salt and pepper shakers.
Your outdoor space is a perfect spot to get away with eccentric shades.

Another idea is placing place potted plants or built-in flower beds around your backyard space. Greenery is a beautiful way to add color and texture. Planting shrubs or trees can also be used to create a border between the kitchen space and other parts of your backyard.

And don't forget about outdoor lighting, as it can set the whole mood. Illuminate your space with anything from twinkling lights to large lanterns and anything in between. Lighting is also an important factor in safety and visibility as a dim outdoor kitchen could be dangerous, especially when cooking. And remember to add lighting that withstands the elements, i.e. storms and wind.

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