How the Filmmakers Conceived the Surprising Poster for “The Switch”

You know you're not getting a traditional romantic comedy with "The Switch" just by looking at the posters going up everywhere for the Jennifer Aniston-Jason Bateman film.

It appears Bateman's picture is taken as he's inspecting a key ingredient after intercepting an insemination delivery headed to Jennifer Aniston's character.

"We liked the idea that it's going to surprise," co-director Will Speck tells PopcornBiz. "We wanted to show something that was not as conventional for a romantic comedy poster."

They certainly succeeded.

Further, the filmmakers wanted to focus on the key scene which explains the title of the movie. "The title is 'The Switch,' " says Speck. "So this is the act itself. Let's go towards that."

As Bateman himself said: "This is a romantic comedy but it's through an atypical route, and that starts with the poster."

As for filming the scene, there was a lot of debate about what should substitute for the vital ingredient -- the seed of life. They settled for a combination of glue and flour.

But once it came onto set -- there was instant debate between the directors, the production designers and Bateman about the proper consistency.

"The second it came on set, all of us had 17 opinions," said Speck. "We all stepped forward and said something like, 'Well, it actually is much milkier than that.' "

While his character obliges onscreen, at no point did Bateman offer up the real thing.

"Jason is not that method," says co-director Josh Gordon

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