HOW ‘BOUT THEM IMMUNITY IDOLS?! Jimmy Johnson Doing “Survivor”

Jimmy Johnson won two Super Bowls with the Dallas Cowboys and a national title with the Miami Hurricanes. He’s among the more decorated football coaches of all time. But is he willing to expose himself for free peanut butter? You, fair TV viewer, are about to find out. That’s right. Jimmy is goin’ on “Survivor.” YEEHAW! WHOOPEE! If Jerry Jones is in the opposing tribe, one of those men will get EATEN. From the Dallas Morning News via Mike Florio at PFT:

Johnson joined the cast of Survivor, which started taping at the end of June. Taping only lasts 39 days, so Johnson will be back well before the FOX (NFL) studio show starts.

The idea seems bizarre, but Johnson previously mentioned in an interview he almost joined the cast a few years back, but he failed a physical.

Johnson has made it no secret that he never wants to set foot on an NFL sideline again. But you don’t win two Super Bowls without being the ambitious, can-do sort of fellow. So taking up the challenge of going on “Survivor” oddly makes sense.

I’m legitimately interested to see how this plays out. “Survivor” has done All-Star episodes before, but that doesn’t really count as having an actual famous contestant. There was also “I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!”, which was awful.

When it comes to reality shows, celebrities and normal people rarely intertwine. Either the celebs are grouped together, like on “Celebrity Rehab,” or it’s just a bunch of normal people. It’ll be cool to see someone like Johnson thrown in with a bunch of no-names, all of whom will likely vote him off the first day just because they don’t want the famous guy to win. I’m also excited for Johnson to go a week without Desonex. There will be a blizzard of dandruff on that island before all is said and done. Contra rebels will have to wear snowshoes, it’ll be so thick.

This casting stunt also gives “Survivor” an extra dose of credibility because Johnson sees the show as a genuinely competitive endeavor. Few other reality shows have that kind of cachet, and it’s why “Survivor” has remained on the air far longer than many of its peers. Will Johnson win? I doubt it. These people aren’t outwitted as easily as Terry Bradshaw is. Not at all.

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