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Hilton Guest Claims He Woke Up to Hotel Manager Sucking His Toes in Lawsuit

The hotel manager was arrested on aggravated burglary and assault charges

Nashville. Tennessee
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A Nashville hotel employee has been charged with aggravated burglary and assault after entering a Texas man's hotel room in the middle of the night, according to the Nashville Police Department.

David Neal was arrested after Peter Brennan claimed he was sleeping and awoke to Neal sucking on his toes.

Neal was a night manager at the Hilton Nashville Downtown Hotel, while Brennan was in the city for a work conference.

According to the Nashville PD, Neal made a key card to illegally enter Brennan's room around 5 a.m. Brennan immediately recognized Neal because he had come into his room the day before with a second employee to address an issue with his TV.

Brennan's lawyers were told that Neal was fired because he refused to give a statement regarding the alleged assault, according to WSMV. Brennan has filed a lawsuit against Neal and the hotel.

The incident occurred on March 30 and Neal was charged on May 5. He remains jailed on $27,000 bond.

In addition to Neal, Brennan has filed a lawsuit against Hilton Resorts Corporation, which owns and operates Nashville Hilton Downtown.

The full, 11-page document can be read below.

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