Heidi Montag's Former Psychic & Manager Responds to Firing: “Psychic Or Not, We Can Be Fooled”

Heidi Montag's former psychic and manager has spoken out to Access Hollywood just one week after being fired by the reality star.

As previously reported on AccessHollywood.com, "The Hills" starlet confirmed late last week the news that she had parted ways with Aiden Chase, whom she had only hired the week before as her manager, after firing husband Spencer Pratt from the same gig. She previously worked with Chase on a healing and psychic level following her 10 plastic surgeries in November 2009.

On Friday, Chase said Montag didn't bother to pick up the phone herself to tell him the news.

"Everything was perfectly fine until I received a call from Access Hollywood telling me I was fired," Chase said in a statement to Access on Friday. "She used the media to tell me I was fired."

A source previously told Us Weekly, which broke the firing story, that Montag felt the trouble with her new manager began when Chase turned up on the set of "Just Go With It," the Adam Sandler romantic comedy in which Montag recently secured a cameo. The source said the reality starlet was "horrified" that he turned up and was, "demanding a significant portion of her 'Hills' money."

The source also claimed that Chase tried to, "move onto Audrina" Patridge, her "Hills" co-star, reportedly offering to be her manager and provide psychic services when he followed Montag on "The Hills" set recently.

Chase, however, told Access a different story.

"The two days on the 'Just Go With It' set were an amazing experience. On many online sites it was erroneously stated that I crashed both sets. Quite the opposite, I was clearly invited as her manager and actually rode in the car with both Heidi and Spencer to the set on both days of filming," Chase said in his statement to Access.

Chase went on to claim that Montag was trying to get him on her MTV show.

"I was in the middle of discussions with 'The Hills' producers regarding my being on 'The Hills.' Heidi recommended to the producers that I be on the show. They wanted to show the transformation of Heidi and for me to be a part of it on the show," Chase continued. "I was invited to the set that day by both Heidi and 'The Hills' producers and again rode with Heidi and her bodyguard to the set."

A rep for producers of "The Hills" did not immediately respond to a request for comment by Access on Friday.

As for the Patridge claim, Chase shot that down, too.

"Heidi introduced me to Audrina while working on 'The Hills' set. Heidi asked me if Audrina could ask me a couple of psychic questions," Chase said. "I agreed and we spoke for maybe ten minutes with Heidi. It was a very positive and pleasant experience. I absolutely never asked to manage Audrina."

Not long after firing Aiden, Heidi appeared on "The Jay Leno Show," where the funnyman asked, "Shouldn't he have seen that coming," referencing Aiden's psychic abilities.

Chase said he did.

"I actually did get that intuitive feeling gut feeling that something was wrong the night before," he said. "My intuition went, 'Hmmm…' We all have these intuitive messages. That night I sensed a shift. The next morning I woke up to a call from Access Hollywood. I receive great psychic messages for others, usually psychics get limited messages for themselves. That's why we don't win the lottery! I always like to define that intuition is about the now and psychic is about the future."

As for how he feels now about the incident, he blames it on the celebrity couple's reputation.

"Sometimes, psychic or not, we can be fooled," he added.

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