Comedy Filmmaker Harold Ramis’ Top Movies

Harold Ramis, best known for writing and starring in the film "Ghostbusters," and directing "Groundhog Day" and "Caddyshack," died early Feb. 24, 2014, in Chicago. Take a look back at some of his most memorable films.

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Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, and Bill Murray in a scene from the film 'Ghostbusters', 1984.
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Harold Ramis, best known for writing and starring in "Ghostbusters" and directing "Groundhog Day" and "Caddyshack," died Feb. 24, 2014, in Chicago of an autoimmune disease. Take a look back at some of his most memorable movies.
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Ramis directed the 1993 philosophical comedy "Groundhog Day" starring Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell and Chris Elliott.
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Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell starred in "Groundhog Day."
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In 1984, Harold Ramis co-wrote and co-starred with Dan Aykroyd (center) in "Ghostbusters," the highest-grossing comedy of the 1980s. Bill Murray (right) also starred in the film.
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Rick Moranis and Sigourney Weaver also starred in "Ghostbusters."
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Chevy Chase (left) and Danny Noonan (right) in a scene from the popular 1980 film "Caddyshack," directed by Harold Ramis.
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Actors Bill Murray (L) and Harold Ramis starred in the 1981 film "Stripes."
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Ramis starred as actor Seth Rogan's dad in the 2007 Judd Apatow-directed film "Knocked Up." Apatow counted Ramis as an influence on his work.
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Ramis wrote and directed the 1999 gangster comedy "Analyze This," starring Robert De Niro, Billy Crystal and Lisa Kudrow.
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Billy Crystal in a scene from "Analyze That," the 2002 sequel to "Analyze This."
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Ramis was awarded Funniest Motion Picture for "Analyze This" at the American Comedy Awards at the Shrine Exposition Center in Los Angeles. He directed the 1999 film.
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Bill Zwecker (R) and Harold Ramis attended the Michigan Avenue Magazine Party to celebrate the movie "Year One" on June 23, 2009 in Chicago, Illinois. "Year One" was the last film Ramis directed.
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Rodney Dangerfield talks to Robert Downey Jr in a scene from the 1986 film "Back To School." Ramis wrote the screenplay and produced movie.
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John Belushi, Stephen Furst and Bruce McGill starred in the 1978 film "National Lampoon's Animal House," written by Ramis.
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