The Best Ripped-From-The-Headlines Halloween Costumes of 2010!

For celebs like Lady Gaga, every day is Halloween. For the rest of us, the holiday is our best chance to dress up as our favorite pop stars, politicians and real people in the news. Oh, and Snooki, of course.

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Costume stores across the country expect Lady Gaga to be a popular choice this year. The tough part is picking the Gaga look that's best for you. Here are a few of our faves, starting with: Crime Scene Gaga. Warning: might get a little nippy out there while trick or treating.
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If you're feeling ambitious, you could instead go with this Gaga look that we call: The Rabid New Wave Lhasa Apso.
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Or: The Sad Pheasant.
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Hello Gaga is a good one, too. Especially if you are spending Halloween in Japan.
Not as popular as Gaga this year, according to Todd Kenig, CEO of east coast costume shop Ricky's, Snooki will still be well represented. She also provides a few costume options. May we present: Hoochie Snooki.
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And: Glamour Snooki.
Seaside Heights Police Department
Mug-shot Snooki, anyone? Just add a pitcher of Long Island Ice Tea and stir!
The Internet can help you get your Snooki costume together -- these dresses and wigs are available online. Smutty attitude not included!
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If you are thinking of going as The Situation this Halloween, it is probably too late. Unless, that is, you've been doing 4,000 or so crunches a day since June. If not, some costume shops sell ab shirts just for slackers like you.
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Though Kim Jon-Il was apparently a bigger Halloween hit last year than this one, it's still a great look. Like U2's Bono, only more dictator-y. Gather fatigue or dark-colored leisure wear, cornea-protecting sunglasses and a clipped Don King wig and you're set. An unquenchable thirst for power helps, too.
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“The Social Network” has been the Fall’s hottest movie -- so what better time to go as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg? And the costume couldn't be simpler: throw on a grey T-shirt, grab a kitchen knife (the better to carve a pumpkin and/ or stab your friends in the back) and you're out the door!
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Or you could go as Tech/ Nerd Conference Mark, which requires a black zip-up hoodie, a wireless mic and a passing familiarity with server capacities.
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There are two ways to go if you choose to hit Halloween parties as First Lady Michelle Obama. There is Elegant Michelle, as seen here hosting Mexican President Felipe Calderon and his wife Margarita Zavala at a White House state dinner.
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And there’s Casual Michelle, a costume that makes good use of a miniature golf putter.
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If you must dress as Levi Johnston, you will want to pay special attention to having thoughtful facial hair and borrowed designer duds. No need to brush up for the Wasilla Mayoral race! You may also want to find a friend who will go as ...
What, you were expecting Bristol? This costume is much more fun. And it has been very popular since John McCain plucked the Thrilla from Wasilla out of obscurity in 2008.
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Also: It comes in a box! The Sarah Palin Costume Kit includes a wig, glasses and extremely patriotic, non-socialist buttons.
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The President is always a popular choice. Here you have two ways to go: All-Business Prez or ...
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Roll-Up-Your-Sleeves Prez. Do not -- repeat, do not! -- attempt this costume without rolled-up shirtsleeves. How else will voters and/ or Halloween partyers know you are serious and you care about average citizens who just want to see the economy rebound, already?
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Conan had a memorable year and he makes for a memorable costume, provided you have a decent suit and a handful of long-lasting, industrial strength pomade.
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Twitter also had a busy year -- for Halloween, pop on this blue bird costume and all night you can annoy your friends/ followers by letting them know every time you yawn. Or go to the bathroom. Fix an omelette. Brush your teeth. Sneeze. Etc., etc., etc.
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A recent Wall Street Journal/ NBC News poll found that 55 % of those polled have a positive view of Bill, and only 23 % have a negative view, making him the most popular former or current politician in the country. So if you wear this costume, you can expect extra trick or treating candy to come your way.
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If you decide to go as Hillary instead (a move that shows originality since she made for a far hotter costume in '08), keep in mind that there are two main looks for the Secretary of State. You could go as classy, solo Hillary in a fashionable pants suit and pearls or …
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Find a pal and go as Hill plus an impressive foreign head of state (in this case, that’s Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak).
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JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater was working a routine Pittsburgh to New York City flight in August when a kerfuffle with a passenger launched him to world-wide fame. After landing, Slater took to the plane's PA system to curse the flyer out, grabbed two beers and slid down the emergency chute to freedom. Arrested Slater makes a good and easy costume but ...
The Angry Steward costume comes with everything you need (minus two beers) to pass for the folk hero. This genius idea comes courtesy of Ricky's CEO, Todd Kenig.
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When she proclaimed, "I'm not a witch," in her first ad as the Republican nominee in Delaware's senate race, Christine O'Donnell became instant SNL fodder -- and a great Halloween costume. Top off her red-blazers-and-pearl look with a witch hat for extra costume points. Happy Halloween!
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