Gymnastics' Fierce Five Look Impressive, But Not Impressed, for David Letterman

There is a method to the U.S. women's gymnastics team madness.

"You don't drink coffee beforehand, do you?" David Letterman asked the aptly named Fierce Five during their interview Tuesday on the Late Show.

"We eat cornflakes," offered McKayla Maroney, who may have won silver on the vault but deserves gold when it comes to marketing, the team of course currently being featured on boxes of Kellogg's Corn Flakes at a supermarket near you.

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"That is the secret to our success," a similarly beaming Aly Raisman chimed in.

"She's figured something out, hasn't she," Letterman said approvingly.

Then, turning to all-around individual gold medalist Gabby Douglas, who jetted to New York to be with her team after last night's solo appearance on "The Tonight Show," he asked how she felt about making history as the first Africa-American all-around champ.

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"I wanted to inspire a nation, so I can check that off my bucket list," the 16-year-old said, prompting incredulous responses, er, all around.

"Wow, that's a hard bucket list," Raisman said.

"Love it," chirped Maroney, who admitted when asked that she doesn't think that her teammates are so-called "normal" girls.

"I think we're special," she said.

Letterman also had to ask Maroney about the not-impressed memes, taking it upon himself to speculate that the cameras caught her in a contemplative moment and made it silly.

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"It is pretty funny," Maroney said, obviously not impressed with the host's too-serious interpretation. "After I did it, the girls kept pointing it out, 'You're doing that face again.'"

"Every time she does it, we're like, 'There it is!'" Raisman said. "We've all been working on it."

And then he got the whole team to do their best McKayla-isn't-impressed impressions--until the giggles took over, that is.

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