GOP Attacks Obama on Gitmo With LBJ's “Daisy”

Remember that insane "Daisy" ad from LBJ's campaign against Goldwater in 1964? Well the GOP has exhumed this hilarious piece of political nostalgia and re-purposed it to attack President Obama for his desire to shut down Gitmo.

The new ad opens with an old clip of Obama declaring, "Guantanamo, that's easy. Close down Guantanamo." Next is a succession of clips of Democratic senators Jim Webb and Harry Reid, as well as White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs edited in such a way as to appear that the three men are building an argument against the closure of the infamous torture chamber.

Daisy Girl (1964)
Guantanamo - To close it? To close it not?

Interspersed throughout this absurd montage are clips of the little girl from the original "Daisy" ad showing her plucking petals from a flower as a voiceover says, "To close it. To close it not ..."

The whole thing is too stupid for words.

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