“Glee” Star in Hollywood Car Wreck

Here's a song Lea Michele should cover on "Glee": The Cars' "Who's Gonna Drive You Home?" because she apparently has some difficulties behind the wheel.

According to Us Magazine, the "Glee" star was involved in a fender-bender late last night while returning home from work.

A representative for Michele released a statement saying the actress was not injured.

Michele has been fond of telling an amusing anecdote about how she got into a wreck on her way to the "Glee" audition, which left her with cuts and glass in her hair while she read for the part.

"I hear you have to crash your car once in California before you can be initiated as a true L.A. resident," Michele once told New York magazine. "So for me, I don’t consider it a problem. I consider it, 'Okay, good! Got that out of the way. Now I live here.'”

Last October, Michele narrowly avoided a third accident on her way to the Hollywood Reporter's Emmy Roundtable event at L.A.'s Chateau Marmont.

Maybe it's time the show invested in a driver? 

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