Girl With Down Syndrome Gets New Wheelchair After Theft

Just in time for Christmas, a Southern California family left heartbroken by the callous theft of a 4-year-old girl's wheelchair got a special delivery Monday when police officers arrived to their home with a shiny new replacement, wrapped in a big red bow.

The family from Corona couldn't afford the $2,500 to replace the wheelchair after it was stolen from their porch Thursday.

But with the help of the San Diego Down Syndrome Society, the Corona Police Department was able to replace the wheelchair for little Jocelyn Ordones, who has Down syndrome and relies on her specialized wheelchair to get around.

"The family was extremely grateful of this special delivery this afternoon," the police department said in a news release. "We want to thank our entire community for taking a tragic event and making it a special Christmas for this family."

Police said the stolen wheelchair had coincidentally been recovered a few hours before the new wheelchair was going to be delivered.

The family said it was grateful for the outpouring of support from community members who offered to help.

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