“Get Your Head Out of Your Apps” Sign Cautions Utah Motorists

Utah's Department of Transportation is trying to send a message about traffic safety with a clever twist on a common-but-crass phrase.

On Monday, the agency began displaying "Get your head out of your apps" message on their variable message boards as part of a creative and light-hearted campaign that started in the summer, called "Message Mondays."

UDOT spokesperson John Gleason said the goal of the message is not to offend, but to get people to talk about safety on the road. 

"Distracted driving is one of the behaviors that is killing people on our roads," Gleason told NBC Owned Television Stations. "There's a proper time and place and when you're in a car and behind the wheel that is not the place."

Some drivers thought the sign went too far. 

"I understand the concern but did not feel this was appropriate," a commenter wrote on the Facebook page for NBC affiliate KSL.

Other messages displayed since the campaign kicked off, were: "Control your fate, texting can wait," That seat belt looks good on you" and "Seat belts on, phones off."

The top five deadly driving behaviors on Utah roads are being drowsy, distracted, aggressive, alcohol or drug impaired and unrestrained, according to ut.zerofatlatiites.com website.

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