'I Couldn't Do Anything': Georgia Mom Watches as School Principal Paddles 5-Year-Old Son

Jasper County School District officials said corporal punishment is permitted "as one of the consequences of behavior"

A 5-year-old Georgia boy was paddled by school administrators and his mother said she "couldn't do anything to stop them" because she was told he'd be suspended and she'd be sent to jail again for truancy, NBC News reported.

Shana Marie Perez posted two videos on Facebook Wednesday morning showing the principal and assistant principal at Jasper Primary School trying to hit the struggling, crying boy on his bottom with a paddle.

In a statement, the Jasper County School District said under school rules corporal punishment is permitted "as one of the consequences of behavior," adding that when it is used "it is with parental consent." 

Perez, who is out on bail after being arrested for truancy, told NBC affiliate WXIA she feared another arrest if her son missed school again. 

Jasper County's sheriff said she would not have been re-arrested because such absences are not within the parent's control.

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