“Game of Thrones” Gets Adorable “Sesame Street” Parody

New "Game of Thrones" is almost upon us, but before we head back to Westeros, "Sesame Street" has blessed us with "Game of Chairs."

The Game of Chairs will determine who will be the king or queen of Jesteros. Will it be Robb, Cersie, Joffrey, or Daenerys? Grover is there to help determine the winner. Can we take a moment and admire the thrones? Whiffle balls and bats, golf clubs and balls and ping pong paddles and balls. Got to love "Sesame Street."

Can you imagine "Game of Thrones" with Grover? Or Muppet dragons? And Joffrey has never been more adorable.

So who won the Game of Chairs? Grover is now your fuzzy grace! "Bring a sweater, I think winter is coming!"

"Sesame Street" recently parodied "House of Cards" with the three little pigs and the big bad wolf. Frank Underwood was the wolf, naturally.

Hungry for more "Game of Thrones?" The new season kicks off on Sunday on HBO.

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