Disgraced Illinois Officer Accused of Sexually Harassing Coworker

Denise Duebner remained silent for more than a decade. Part of that was fear. Some of it was embarrassment. She wanted to move on and forget what happened to her in Fox Lake, Illinois. But she never could.

"He took my career," Duebner said of Lt. Joe Gliniewicz, whose death was ruled a "carefully staged suicide" and is believed to be an effort to cover up years of criminal activity, authorities have said. "He took the way I saw myself. He took a lot."

In 1998, Duebner was proving herself in the all-male Fox Lake Police Department. She received dozens of commendations and was being given extra responsibility. She earned recognition after she evacuated a motel as it burned.

But that confidence disappeared when she said Lt. Joe Gliniewicz set his sights on her.

Duebner worked alongside Gliniewicz in the Fox Lake Law Enforcement Explorer program. He was her mentor, and she felt like they were shaping young minds. They were making a difference. Then everything changed.

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