Four More Fall in Battle on “The Voice”

“The Voice” is about to do it live.

NBC’s hit singing competition returned Tuesday night for week three of battles  – with one more battle round left before the show kicks into live competition mode. Last week the celebrity coaches were mostly united on which hopefuls should advance. This time it often seemed no one wanted to send anyone home. Here’s how it all went down:

Team Christina
For the first battle of the night, Christina Aguilera paired up 16-year-old Raquel “Little Mama” Castro with Julia Eason, the soccer player who’d rather be a pop star. During mentoring scenes, Christina revealed that ahead of her own performances she gets so nervous she fears she might throw up or pee her pants. Okay then. After the hopefuls sang Rihanna’s “Only Girl (In the World)," Cee Lo Green gave the nod to Raquel, while country star Blake Shelton threw his support to Julia. Adam Levine called both performers “dead even vocally” but acknowledged that Raquel had “this thing.” Christina said it was a hard choice for her but agreed Raquel had “worked it.” The youngster moves on. 

Team Blake
Next up, children’s book author Dia Frampton squared off against Serabee, a southern preacher’s daughter. After Blake Shelton told the pair to sing “You Can’t Hurry Love” by The Supremes, Dia voiced concerns about stage fright while Serabee confidently proclaimed this was her moment to “do what I was born to do.” Blake warned Serabee not to “overdo it,” but judging by the verbal acrobatics that followed she didn’t take the advice to heart. Cee Lo called both performances “bizarre,” though he gave Dia the edge based solely on her voice. Adam said Serabee was “carefree” in her duet, making Dia look “timid” by comparison. Blake telegraphed his decision by telling Serabee, “Just because you can sing certain notes doesn’t mean you have to do it all the time.”

Team Adam
This week Adam paired up Rebecca Loebe with Devon Barley, the medical student who took time off from his studies to pursue his singing dreams. The pair was told to sing “Creep,” which would seem to benefit Rebecca since Radiohead was one of her favorite bands, and put Devon at a disadvantage because he didn’t know the song. Black said he couldn’t choose a winner, but Christina said Devon “stole the choruses.” Cee Lo said he liked Devon since his voice sounded nothing like the straight-laced man on stage. Adam said he was “split down the middle.” Pressed to pick a winner, the Maroon 5 frontman advanced Devon based on “performance alone.” Before the show moved on to the next pairing, Adam was caught on tape telling Rebecca not to give up playing music.

Team Cee Lo
Last week, the vocal duo Elenowen got the boot from Team Blake. This week, Cee Lo chose the duo Tori & Taylor Thompson to go up against Kelsey Ray. The performers were told to sing Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten,” aka the theme from MTV’s “The Hills.” Once again, Adam said he couldn’t choose a winner since everyone looked “too cute.” Blake said he’d pick Kelsey since she seemed the more “seasoned” singer. Christina chose Tori & Taylor, and ultimately Cee Lo did too – reversing a pledge not be “swept away by their innocence.”

Next week, celebrity coaches will solidify their four person teams in a final battle round.

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