“Gossip Girl” Mom Explores Wicked Side

Laura Harring's mysterious turn as Ed Westwick's mother on "The Gossip Girl" has ended (for now), but the popular show has brought a resurgence for the beautiful actress best known for David Lynch's classic "Mulholland Drive."

Harring admits to PopcornBiz that her appearances on the scandalous CW show has led to a string of discussions for other juicy parts.

"'Gossip Girl' has opened the door for the wicked," she laughs.

Next week she shoots an episode of "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" where she will play an evil senator's wife.

"It's kind of juicy because I'm very evil," she says.

And she promises there will be more mysterious roles based on the buzz from the appearances. 

"I cannot believe the people who watch 'Gossip Girl,' " she says. "All of my friends, every casting director I've met. It's great to be part of such a scandalous show."

She admits that she never asked her television son Westwick if he saw her in the beyond-television scandalous "Mulholland Drive," which propelled her to fame.

"I was thinking that wasn't so appropriate," she admits. "So I never asked him if he saw it."

But the two had great onscreen chemistry and shared a "sense of respect" for each other, says Harring. So the door is clearly open for a return to "Gossip Girl," even as Harring's character has mysteriously run off to Europe.

Either way, Harring promises more inspired badness.

"Let's put it this way," she says. "John Travolta made a whole comeback career playing evil characters."

Look out world.

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