“Footloose” Remake Gets More Retro Heft with Andie MacDowell

When examining the hype surrounding the upcoming "Wall Street" and "Tron" sequels, one thing is apparent: when tapping into nostalgia, it helps to have some familiar faces.

So while the modern treatment of Footloose will have to go forth without the nimble feet of Kevin Bacon, it will have some decade-appropriate street cred thanks to Dennis Quaid and recently announced cast member (and like Quaid, an 80s darling) Andie MacDowell.

MacDowell will play Quaid's wife, according to EW.

As Vi, she will be the patient foil to Quaid's anti-rock, anti-pretty-much-everything Reverend Shaw Moore.  He gets the juicy part. But it will be great to catch up with MacDowell who will be, for many people, the woman who kissed Hugh Grant in the rain in "Four Weddings and a Funeral."

It also allows one guarantee. No matter how bad the movie is (and we hope it's great) people will walk out of the movie and say, "Andie MacDowell looks great."  It'll be worth the price of admission. And it's true. We've seen pictures. Freaky.

Fun fact: MacDowell and Quaid have gotten marital before. They co-starred in "Dinner with Friends," a 2001 HBO movie that ended up getting nominated for an Emmy. So there will be chemistry and history.

With MacDowell on board, the film is set to begin production soon now that it's finally working with a full deck including a finalized director with Craig Brewer.

The rest of the cast is a roster of newcomers: Kenny Wormald  and "Dancing With the Stars" alum/country singer Julianne Hough playing the leads.

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