Florida Elementary School Temporarily Bars ‘Ruby Bridges' Film Following Parent's Complaint

A parent at North Shore Elementary complained that the film might teach students about white people hating Black people

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A Florida school district has temporarily barred students from viewing a historical film about real-life civil rights pioneer Ruby Bridges at an elementary school after a parent filed a complaint this month.

The film “Ruby Bridges,” a historical drama about 6-year-old Bridges integrating a New Orleans elementary school in 1960, was shown at North Shore Elementary in St. Petersburg, Florida, to approximately 60 second grade students on March 2. Each child required a signed permission slip to view the film, according to the Tampa Bay Times. 

The parents of two students declined to allow their children to watch the film, and one of those parents filed a complaint on March 6, after watching the first 50 minutes of the film. The parent alleged that the film teaches students about racial slurs and how “white people hate black people,” according to the complaint, which was acquired by NBC News.

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