Finally! A Proper “Bruce Almighty” Sequel

For those of you still stinging from the disappointment of Steve Carell stepping in for Jim Carrey, justice is being prepared, and should be served soon enough.

Jarrad Paul and Andrew Mogel, the geniuses behind "Hot Tub Time Machine" (we're not being snide--we really liked it) and "Yes Man," have signed on to pen a proper sequel to the 2003 blockbuster that starred Jim Carrey and raked in more than $480 million worldwide, reported Variety.

Of course, there was "Evan Almighty," which tried in vain to replace Carrey with Steve Carell when the former refused be cause he's "not a big fan of doing the same charcter twice." But the film was a dud, failing to recoup its massive $175 million budget, and earned a Razzie nomination for Worst Prequel or Sequel, losing out to "Daddy Day Camp."

Carrey is far removed from his days as a hit-maker, and he may yet decline to appear in this film. There's also no guarantee that Morgan Freeman will return as God, or if Carell will be back as Evan. Heck, there ain't even a director lined up, and Tom Shadyac, who helmed the previous films, appears to have moved on to a new stage in his career.

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