Cheap, Chic, Looks Under $20

Twenty chic spring pieces that won't cost more than a $20.

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This pearlized, cracked leather effect wallet doubles as a minimalist's ideal going-out clutch. ($7.50 at Forever 21)
For the price of this tee, we'd splurge on the as-shown leather skirt pairing, or tuck it into a pair of skinny cargo pants. ($15.90 at Zara)
These crystal and gold arrowhead earrings belie their Rachel Roy diffusion line sale price. ($19 at Rachel Roy
These round and retro "Hazy Day" sunnies come in tortoise and olive green. And at this price, there's no reason not to buy both. ($10 at Urban Outfitters)
This petal-covered, Hawaiian print tote doesn't come with an actual Hawaiian getaway — but it's a cheery, deskside stand-in. (16.80 at Forever 21)
Propper Topper
Beauty sleepers in particular will appreciate this style boost: This padded eye mask is fashioned from vintage silk kimonos. ($20 at Proper Topper)
This wide, elastic waist cincher is the answer to a closet's worth of beautifully-patterned-but-shapeless vintage dress bin finds. ($11.99 at Mod Cloth)
The stoplight and navy stones on this ring instantly brought thoughts of retro red lips and a navy blue, oversize button down stylings to mind. ($19.92 at JC Penney)
This enameled Sri Lankan elephant necklace is just exotic-looking enough to start a conversation. Best start in on a story better than the amazing price tag. ($12 at Fred Flare)
Polka dots and subtle fringe on this oversize scarf make for ideal breezy day black blazer pairings or spring night wraps. ($18 at Aldo Shoes)
Make an understated impression in these Museum of Modern Art-commissioned cufflinks. Designed by Korean artist Dai-Sung Kim, they feature swirls and circles cast from actual human fingerprints. ($18 at MoMa Store)
We can't determine if the delicate folds on this bone-colored band remind us more of a sea reef or pressed flower. Play it either way with a monochrome, matching hued cocktail dress. ($12 at Aldo Shoes)
Oiled paper and bamboo handles make for a sun shade that doubles as a fun, colorful accessory. ($4.50 at Pearl River Mart)
We'd layer this peachy, airy tee -- which also comes in navy, grey, black, and white -- over a light tank or under a vintage denim pantsuit jumper. ($19.50 at Madewell)
The stripes on this cork-bottomed slipper sneaker are just Americana enough to stand up to tomato red cigarette pants or shorts and a rumpled white button down. ($19.99 at Spring)
Last week, we fell hard for these tees. Seventy-five percent of the cost goes to benefit the Brooklyn Public Library system. ($20 at Brooklyn Industries)
Square wooden rings — available in natural wood, turquoise, or vermilion — come in sets of three, and are perfect for mixing with metal and stone sets or singles. ($10 at By Boe)
Come summer, this aqua blue lattice fan will be a much, much cooler alternative to whipping out the nearest folded city paper page. ($7 at Accessorize)
We'd pair this ribbon-wrapped fedora with a black shirt dress and a stack of thin metallic bangles and aged leather gladiator sandals. ($12.50 at Old Navy)
This sheer lounge romper is a perfect mix of easy, boudoir cool and Sunday afternoon paper-reading. ($19.99 at Target)
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