“Faux” Fur in Marc Jacobs Jacket Real, Activist Group Says

A trendy Marc Jacobs jacket advertised at a popular northeast retail chain as having “faux fur” used real fur from a type of dog native to Asia, an animal rights group has claimed.

An undercover investigation at New York Century 21 stores led by The Humane Society and state Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal claimed that the mislabeled merchandise contained “raccoon dog” fur, according to reports.

In fact, the investigation alleges to have found several items at Century 21 stores in New York in violation of state and federal fur labeling laws, DNA Info reported.

With a camera in-hand, Rosenthal and a representative from The Humane Society documented merchandise at one local Century 21 store that was either labeled as “faux” – but actually contained rabbit and other animal fur – or was not labeled at all.

Century 21 responded to the claims on its Facebook page by blaming clothing makers.

“Century 21 does not create garment labels, the manufacturers do. It is the manufacturer’s responsibility to provide an accurate account of materials used in the garment and to be transparent with the consumer before his or her purchase,” the discount store posted. "We respect the diligence of the The Humane Society of the United States to uphold state and federal laws in regards to garment labeling."

According to investigators, the fur on the “Marc by Marc Jacobs” coat and the other items was cheaper and of lower quality than “faux fur,” the Daily News reported.

The dog-loving designer, who sports a tattoo of his two bull terriers on his shoulder, has reportedly come under fire from PETA for his work with real fur designs in the past, the Daily News reported.

Jacobs has not commented on the report.

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