Celebs, Emmys Shine at After Parties

HBO continued to dazzle with its star-studded party post-Emmy bash Sunday night. The courtyard of West Hollywood's Pacific Design Center was magically transformed to a "Tropical Paradise" theme, which some stars took rather literally. "Hung" star Thomas Jane even stripped off his shoes while sitting with Penny Marshall and then proceeded to walk about the room in his bare feet.

A shoe-wearing Tom Hanks walked into the party hand-in-hand with wife Rita Wilson, clutching an Emmy with his free hand. The couple made a beeline for their table and held court for the rest of the evening.

Two tables over, "You Don't Know Jack" star Susan Sarandon sat with her daughter and "Californication" star, Eva Amurri. The two made for a stunning two-generational portrait of formal attire and were clearly settling in for a good evening. They were joined by "Jack" himself, Al Pacino, who took home the Emmy for his portrayal of Jack Kevorkian in the HBO movie.

Jerry Ferrara from "Entourage" was bizarrely entourage-less for most of the evening, roaming the party solo.

Anna Paquin and new-husband Stephen Moyer joined their "True Blood" castmates at the party, where Paquin was able to finally put her feet up, literally, after a long day.

Claire Danes put her " Temple Grandin" Emmy trophy on a table in an effort to gain the attention of "Big Love" actress Chloe Sevigny, who was chatting with friends across the room. When Sevigny, wearing a short animal print dress, finally saw Danes, her eyes lit up and she gave her a huge hug of congratulations.

Meanwhile Dane's husband Hugh Dancy was on trophy patrol, keeping an eye on Dane's trophy while she chatted up her friends. Dancy did allow fellow guests the opportunity to hold the heavy award.

Meanwhile, across town at the Colony, the Comedy Central party had the cool, comedian types. Stephen Colbert didn't seem even the slightest bit phased with the Emmy loss to Jon Stewart's team. He yucked it up even surrounded by a cast of celebrating "Daily Show" writers who passed their trophies about joyously. "Daily Show" correspondents John Oliver and Larry Wilmore and former correspondent Rob Riggle looked on.

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