12-Year-Old Boy Who Died Had Been Chained, Abused and Starved By His Circus Promoter Parents, Deputies Say

"There's really no words for this type of abuse"

A 12-year-old boy was allegedly chained up, abused and starved by his parents, who are circus promoters, before he died last week in Indiana, NBC News reported.

The parents, 33-year-old Luis Posso and 26-year-old Dayan Median Flores, were charged with felony neglect Friday, a day after the boy, Eduardo, died in a hospital in Bloomington, according to a statement from the Monroe County Sheriff's Office.

Monroe County Sheriff Brad Swain said Eduardo likely suffered a slow and painful death: "There's really no words for this type of abuse."

Eduardo was Posso's son and Flores' stepson — jail records show they are being held at Monroe County Jail. Three other children, all completely healthy, were taken from their care and placed with child protective services, deputies said.

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