Duplass Brothers Wielding a “Pitchfork,” Looking for Susan Sarandon

The Duplass Brothers' ascent from mumblecore darlings to indie darlings has been seamless, thus far, with the duo not really sacrificing their voice--last year's "Cyrus" would've made our top 20 of 2010 if we'd made that list. And while we're very much looking forward to their next film, they're busily shopping the one after that.

The Dupli are looking for a new home for their script "Pitchfork," about the mother of an indie rock star who dies in a car accident, according to 24 Frames. After her son's death, the mother decides to go after the writer from the indie rock site Pitchfork (like those guys need someone else stroking their egos) who had written all manner of nasty things about her little boy. Well imagine her surprise when she learns the writer is just a teen.

Susan Sarandon is said to be sought for the role of the mom, with Jonah Hill, who was great in the title role in "Cyrus," having expressed interest in playing the blogger.

We know less than nothing about Mark and Jay Duplass' personal lives, but their films are heavily focused on family dynamics, with brothers and mothers almost always central to the action.

Next up for the brothers is "Jeff Who Lives at Home, starring Jason Segel as a guy who still lives with his mom. Here's the synopsis:

Written by the Duplass brothers, the pic chronicles a day in the life of two brothers, one a loser Jeff (Jason Segel) who lives at home and the other (Ed Helms) more together but overbearing. When Jeff leaves his house on a seemingly banal errand for his disgruntled mother, he discovers that the universe might be sending him signals about the nature of his destiny.

We're still waiting for news on "Table 19," a project that the Dupli mentioned while doing press last year for "Cyrus," about a bunch of random misfit wedding guests who all get dumped at the same table for the reception. We've sat at "Table 19" more than once in our time, and the mind reels at the comedic possibilities.

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