Duplass Brothers Replaced at “Table 19” by Jeffrey Blitz

Ever found yourself seated at a wedding reception with a bunch of losers? We've been there, and we call it The Island of Misfit Toys. Last summer we were excited to learn that Mark and Jeff Duplass had written a script about this phenomenon. Sadly, they won't be directing it, but the good news is that the project if moving forward.

Jeffrey Blitz will be directing "Table 19," reported Variety. The film is being produced by Shawn Levy, but we're not letting that temper our enthusiasm.

Blitz first gained recognition for his documentary, "Spellbound," which tracked a number of kids as they prepared for the Scripps National Spelling Bee, which is aired annually on ESPN. Something about the setting must've struck a chord, because Blitz followed that up with "Rocket Science," a sweet and funny, if flawed, coming-of-age dramedy about a kid with a stutter who joins his high school debate team. It features a typically great turn from Anna Kendrick. Of late he's been directing episodes of "The Office."

As for the Brothers Duplass, their next film is "Jeff Who Lives at Home," out March 2. It stars Jason Segel as a slacker living in his mom's basement who spends a day with his brother, played by Ed Helms, who is spying on his wife, whom he suspects of cheating.

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