Duncan Jones May Take on “The Wolverine”

Ah, "The Wolverine." Who would have thought that a sequel to an under-performing mess of a movie from the studio that also ham-handedly dropped the ball on the final installment of their otherwise enormously successful "X-Men" franchise would have so much trouble getting made?

But seriously - when word got out that "Black Swan" director Darren Aronofsky was interested in revisiting Wolverine alongside Hugh Jackman for a largely-set-in-Japan adventure, the metal-clawed hero suddenly became a hot property again. But then someone reminded Aronofsky that he directed "Black Swan" and he promptly dropped out. 

Rather than scrap the project (Jackman is currently eating entire cities to bulk up, it can't be for nothing), Fox has apparently turned to "Source Code" director Duncan Jones.

In an interview posted on IGN, Jones discusses his love for the character but, obviously, isn't confirming or denying his involvement in the proposed sequel.

Jones, who is clearly a talented director with a great sci-fi sensibility, having directed the if-you-haven't-seen-it-you-must "Moon" before the critically well-received "Source Code," would certainly be a fanboy-approved choice. But we can't help but feel like we'd much rather see him tackle his original story "Mute" rather than jump into the waning comic book adaptation sub-genre.

But here's hoping something gets decided soon so that Jackman can stop terrifying food vendors.

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