“Dragon” Looks to Make A Killing (Despite Craig Ferguson)

"How to Train Your Dragon" is earning critical raves and looks up to the task of slaying "Alice in Wonderland" at the box office this weekend.

All of the film's success comes despite casting Craig Ferguson as the Viking called Gobber. Really.  Just ask the late-night talk show host.

"I'm not in this enough to ruin it," Ferguson admits of his "Dragon" role. "I think (the filmmakers) judged it right."

To be completely fair, Ferguson is hilarious in the movie and was joking about his role (we think). But his self-deprecating take on his feature work was so funny, it's worth repeating.

The late-night host compared his acting parts, including that of the lead dragon-slaying trainer, to cooking spices and urged filmmakers to maintain just "a sprinkling."

"If you put the right spice in a dish it's terrific," says Ferguson. "Too much, and it's terrible and inedible. They had just the right amount of me."

And should "Dragon" continue to earn raves and dominate the box-office, it will be a new day for Ferguson.

"My sort of signature thing is I am usually in crap," he continues. "So to be in something good is sort off the brand for me."

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