Move Over Don Draper, AMC Goes Zombie

Eat your brains out, Don Draper.

Production began this week in Atlanta for AMC's adaption of "The Walking Dead," which promises to be a great zombie-fest -- and more than welcome on a network best known for "Mad Men."

They feel it's a perfect fit (even if Don Draper is a lot easier to look at).

"We hope to do for zombies what 'Mad Men' has done for advertising,"  writer/director Frank Darabont says in a promotional video for the six-part series.

Just to make sure their monsters pass the zombie sniff test, the network released this photo of the flesh-eating creatures. Yup, smells like zombie. Please don't get this close to actual zombies at home.

The series is based on Robert Kirkman's best-selling comic "The Walking Dead."

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