Dobbs: Obama's “Not The Devil, But…”

Ousted CNN anchor makes key distinction under questioning by Bill O'Reilly

Departed CNN newsman Lou Dobbs made it relatively clear that he does NOT think President Obama is the devil.

The revelation came in an interview with Fox gab king Bill O'Reilly, who failed to trip up Dobbs with the tricky question about President Obama possibly being the anti-Christ Monday night.

After sandbagging Dobbs with softball questions, O'Reilly zeroed in at the end of his interview on "The O'Reilly Factor" Monday night. "Final question: Barack Obama, is he the devil?" he asked.

"He's not the devil," Dobbs replied thoughtfully, "but he is certainly a man who is right now not making it easy to understand why he's making the public-policy choices that he is."

Earlier in the segment, Dobbs responded to more reasonable questions, telling O'Reilly he was pushed out at CNN after 32 years because the network didn't want to offend Obama. In the last few years, Dobbs increasingly shifted from down-the-middle news anchor to strident critic of illegal immigration. Although the change began during President Bush's presidency, Dobbs said his former bosses didn't seem to mind then.

"I discern more of a difference between then, which was under the Bush administration when I was criticizing, and now, when it is the Obama administration -- and an entirely different tone was taken," said Dobbs.

The New York Post reported that CNN gave Dobbs an $8 million severance package. There has been speculation that Dobbs' newfound rightward tilt could lead him to join Fox's stable of television hosts, but he also didn't dismiss O'Reilly's question about running for political office.

 "A lot of things are on my mind, I'm not going to be coy about that," Dobbs said.

"My wife and I are thinking about a lot of opportunities. I'm very blessed that I have a lot of opportunities. I guarantee you 100 percent I'm going to remain in the public arena."

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