Medicare Fraud in Texas Makes Clear the Need for Congress to Crack Down on It

The recent news surrounding federal prosecutors bringing Medicare fraud cases against doctors, pharmacies and marketers in Texas cities provides some justice where it is needed.The cases in Texas spotlight a scheme involving pharmacy owners and marketers paying kickbacks and bribes to doctors so they'd write prescriptions for unneeded pain and scar creams. One of the patients who received the prescription died as a result of the toxic effects found in two of the drugs contained in the cream. She was only 22 years old.This shows that people entrusted with the care of patients aren't immune from the allure of greed. One pharmacy bought cream for $15 and billed the government $28,000 -- for each tube."This is yet another shocking example of how unmitigated greed can spawn a fraud so brazen that it almost takes your breath away," the U.S. Attorney in Dallas, John Parker, said.  Continue reading...

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