Debra Winger Coming Back To TV


Cable television has been awfully good to acclaimed actresses of late (Glenn Close, Holly Hunter, etc.). So the fact that Debra Winger may be returning to the medium after three decades isn’t a surprise. On the contrary, what took her so long? The 54-year-old “Terms of Endearment” star and three-time Oscar nominee is reported on the verge of joining HBO’s “In Treatment.” It would be her first TV role since playing Wonder Girl on “Wonder Woman” back in 1977. From

Debra Winger is negotiating to play a regular role in the third series of the HBO dramatic series In Treatment. She will play a patient of Gabriel Byrne's psychotherapist character Paul. She's a former big star who is battling insecurity and fear about her career.

A former big star who is battling insecurity and fear about her career? My goodness, is Debra Winger’s character based on Debra Winger? Why would she play such a meta part? I think we need to get Debra Winger in treatment, film it, and figure out why she’s starring in “In Treatment.”

“In Treatment” is a hard show to get into because it airs five nights a week (like a telenovela) during its run. The show has had trouble finding an audience despite awards and critical praise, so bringing in someone like Winger could help it get the footing it needs to become a bigger hit. It certainly won’t be a dull affair.

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