David and Victoria Beckham's Baby Offered Modeling Contract

Baby product company wants Harper Beckham to be face of brand

The modeling world is getting younger and younger.

David and Victoria Beckham’s baby girl, Harper, has not even reached her first birthday, yet the trendsetting tot has already been offered a modeling contract.

Personalized baby gift company, My1stYears, has penned a letter to 9-month-old Harper offering her a job, according to E!.

"Both your parents are fashion icons, and we can see no reason why you shouldn't start your own career in the fashion industry even at your young age," says the letter, adding, "From what we have seen of you since your first public appearance less than a year ago, we know you have implacable style and taste. You were therefore the immediate first choice for our campaign."

The missive from the U.K.-based firm goes on to say that, "Due to child labor laws we cannot negotiate a contract or salary directly with you, that is why your Mummy and Daddy have been copied in on this letter. We are happy to speak with them about your fee; however, we are prepared to pay you a significant amount to be the face of our new range."

While not expected, it’s hardly surprising considering Harper, the youngest of the Beckham’s four children and only girl, is already the subject of numerous fashion blog and Tumblr posts that chronicle her public outings and outfits.

Both of her parents have also spent the majority of their professional lives courting the sartorial spotlight. Mom Victoria’s fashion line is well received by both style critics and retailers alike, while dad David currently has a line of underwear bearing his name available through the international fashion chain H&M.

Exactly how "significant" the amount of compensation for Harper would be is not revealed, but the letter also offers to supply a sample of their products to her parents. Reps for the Beckhams have yet to respond.

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