“Dark Knight Rises” May Be Swooping Over NYC This Week

How meticulous is director Christopher Nolan? He's apparently getting a jumpstart on "Dark Knight Rises" shooting before New York's snowdrifts melt away.

According to several anonymous "insider" sources, Nolan will get a jump on filming the third and reportedly final installment in his Batman series this week in New York City - but don't go looking for the Tumbler rolling down Fifth Avenue. Rumor has it that Nolan is strictly getting long shots of the city via helicopter, and the reason for his early start is that he's insisting on capturing the Big Apple while snow is still on the ground.

A snowy Gotham? This can only mean one thing: MR. FREEZE!

We're kidding, but please feel free to spread that just so we can get some Photoshops of a blue Leonardo DiCaprio in a glass helmet.

"The Dark Knight Rises" officially begins production this May.

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