Former State Dept. Official Pleads Guilty to 11 Counts of Stalking, Voyeurism

Daniel Rosen's lawyer said his client is getting treatment for being a sexual deviant.

A former State Department official pleaded guilty Wednesday to nearly a dozen charges of voyeurism and stalking for recording as many as 25 women in their homes around D.C.

The ex-counterterrorism official, 45-year-old Daniel Rosen, is also facing charges for allegedly soliciting a minor online.

In the D.C. cases, the women were recorded in the areas in their bathrooms and bedrooms, while having sex, communicating using Facetime, performing personal hygiene and engaging in other private moments.

Prosecutors say Rosen targeted women who lived in basement-level apartments that faced back alleys in the areas of Adams Morgan, Mount Pleasant and U Street. Some of the victims had their blinds or curtains closed, but Rosen angled his cellphone between the cracks or small openings to record video, prosecutors said.

In court, prosecutors listed as many as 25 victims whom Rosen videotaped over a multi-year period, some for up to 10 minutes at a time. Rosen also returned to some victims' homes over several months.

The women in the videos appear to be older than 18, police said.

In court Wednesday, Rosen pleaded guilty to six counts of voyeurism and five counts of stalking that occurred between 2012 and 2014.

"Daniel Rosen crept through alleys and peered through windows to secretly film women during intimate, private moments in their own homes," Acting U.S. Attorney Vincent H. Cohen Jr. said in a statement Wednesday. "Today he admitted to being a serial stalker and voyeur who robbed women of the privacy they expected in their own bedrooms and bathrooms."

Rosen's lawyer said his client is getting treatment for being a sexual deviant.

Rosen had worked as a counterterrorism official at the State Department. He is currently on unpaid administrative leave, but his attorney said Wednesday that Rosen realizes that his career is over with the department.

The videos came to light after Rosen was charged in February in Virginia with soliciting a minor online after communicating with a Fairfax County police detective who was posing as a 14-year-old girl. After Rosen's arrest in Virginia, a search of his cellphone revealed multiple videos of women that were recorded without their consent.

He was then arrested in D.C. on the voyeurism and stalking charges.

Police used geolocation data to find one victim, who was allegedly recorded in her Mount Pleasant bedroom in July 2013. The victim identified herself in four separate clips taken over several minutes, according to a criminal complaint document. She was shown in the videos undressing and changing clothes; at times she was naked, the document says. The document said the victim's bedroom window can only be accessed through an alley behind the apartment and down several stairs.

Another victim was shown on video on three separate days in December 2014 while showering and grooming in her bathroom, according to the document.

Rosen will remain in home confinement until his sentencing date Oct. 9, with the exception of a Sept. 29 court appearance in Virginia.

He is facing 11 years in prison and an $11,000 fine.

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