Congressional Republicans Begin to Buck Trump on Russia

Trump complimented Putin throughout the campaign and has said that he'd like a more friendly and cooperative relationship with the country

Congressional Republicans have largely sought to minimize differences between President-elect Donald Trump and GOP establishment orthodoxy on a variety of issues, but signs of tension have begun to emerge over U.S. relations with Russia. 

Over two days, Republicans in the Senate have publicly disagreed with or questioned decisions and statements made by Trump amidst rising tensions and allegations of Russian interference with the U.S. presidential election. 

It's a different tact than Republicans have taken on disagreements over domestic policy. Elected officials in Congress have either downplayed division or stayed silent on issues of infrastructure spending, trade and entitlement reform.

But since Trump's announcement of his intention to appoint ExxonMobile CEO Rex Tillerson to be secretary of State, at least four Senate Republicans have indicated that Tillerson should have to answer tough questions about his views on Russia and what is considered to be his close relationship with President Vladimir Putin.

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