Competing Linda Lovelace Biopics: Who Has the Casting Edge?

In the next year, we will be getting not one but two biopics about late porn star Linda Lovelace. Lovelace, of course, was the star of the controversial 1972 film "Deep Throat," which was the first XXX-rated film to have a pop culture impact beyond shady grindhouse theaters. It was eventually revealed that Lovelace, born Linda Boreman in the Bronx was forced into prostitution and pornography by her husband, Chuck Traynor.

One of the upcoming films is called "Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story," and is (right now at least) the more well known of the two because it was originally meant to be a huge comeback film for one Lindsay Lohan. Unfortunately, the troubled Lohan had to drop out of the film, and has been replaced by "Watchmen" star Malin Akerman.

The other film, called simply "Lovelace," is starting to generate some heat for its rapidly ballooning cast of big names. It's being co-directed by Robert Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, who are best known for sex-and-politics-themed documentaries like "The Celluloid Closet," "The Times of Harvey Milk," and "Howl."

Details are just starting to come into focus for both films, but based on what we know right now, let's see how the competing biopics stack up.

"Lovelace": Amanda Seyfried
"Inferno": Malin Akerman

As we mentioned, Akerman came in to "Inferno" in relief of the departed Lindsay Lohan. Although maybe not as desperate for a breakout as LiLo, Akerman hasn't caught fire (no pun intended) the way she might have hoped after the underwhelming "Watchmen." Seyfried, on the other hand, needs to prove she can carry a movie after several high profile but far-from-barnstorming movies. Both actresses will be asked to dig deep, and go to dark emotional places.

"Lovelace": Peter Sarsgaard
"Inferno": Matt Dillon

It's a creep-off! Once a matinee idol, Matt Dillon has found a whole new career playing sleaze bags. Unfortunately, he is overmatched in this one. Peter Sarsgaard may very well be a sweetheart in real life, but dammit if he doesn't inherent the James Spader Award for most unsettling screen presence.

"Lovelace": Adam Brody
"Inferno": Adam Goldberg

Lovelace's co-star in "Deep Throat," Reems was the hirsute embodiment of the 70s porn scene. It's a role that the underrated Brody could smack out of the park, but we have a feeling Goldberg will be the more memorable (and not in a good way) on-screen Harry.

Given how widespread the fame (or infamy) of "Deep Throat" was, there are lots of opportunities to name-check the A-list of the early 70s. Here are some of the ones that are confirmed or close to it…

"Lovelace": James Franco

This has to happen. Seriously. It's only a rumor now, but C'MON. This would be too perfect.

"Inferno": Harold Perrineau

We're not sure exactly how Sammy plays into Linda's story, so this one gets a pass simply on its "why not-ness" alone. Once again, "Lost" star Perrineau will be referred to as "Oh, hey, THAT guy." 

"Lovelace": Demi Moore

This could be good. Moore has signed on to play political activist Gloria Steinem, who waged a zealous campaign against the porn industry with "Deep Throat" at the eye of the storm. It's rumored to be a small part, but Demi could really run with it.



Chalk one up for "Inferno" for snagging an actual porn industry vet in Sasha Grey. Her role is sketchy at the moment, but she's proven (in Steven Soderbergh's "The Girlfriend Experience" and on the HBO series "Entourage") that she can more than hold her own (stop it) in mainstream projects.

Right now, we're leaning towards "Lovelace" because we really like the way its shaping up. But who knows? Left-field thinking might boost "Inferno" in the long run. Either way, we have a feeling we'll be leaving the theater in need a warm blankie and buckets of Purell.

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