“Colbert Report” Mysteriously Shuts Down Production

Sources say a family emergency is behind the hiatus

"The Colbert Report," the satirical "Daily Show" spin-off starring comedian Stephen Colbert, abruptly canceled two tapings this week, something that is very unusual for the Comedy Central show.

Ticket holders for two shows scheduled to be taped this week were sent an email from Comedy Central stating that the tapings were canceled. The only explanation given was "unforeseen circumstances."

Colbert, usually very active on Twitter, has been quiet on the cancellations, and fans have been left scratching their heads.

The Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy blog reported Thursday night that the show went on a temporary hiatus because of an emergency in Colbert's family.

The Hollywood Reporter, citing only anonymous sources, claims that the show will return soon.

"The Colbert Report" has never before canceled the show in this manner. Its sister program, "The Daily Show" only canceled shows at the last minute twice - once when host Jon Stewart and his wife had a baby, and a second time when a staff member passed away.

There has been no other comment from the show or Comedy Central on the matter.

Selected Reading: MSNBC, E! News, Los Angeles Times

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