Charlize Theron the “Young Adult” for Reitman-Cody Reunion

From the writer and director that brought who you the feel-good teen-pregnancy hit of 2007 comes Charlize Theron as an author who goes home to figure out where her life went wrong.

Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody, the folks who helped make each other famous with "Juno," are teaming up yet again for a new film called "Young Adult," to star Theron as a ghostwriter of young-adult fiction who tries to reclaim her sense of self by heading back to her hometown to win back her high-school sweetheart. He, of course, has just gotten married and had a kid.

That is assuming the money comes together, in which case the film will go into production in New York on Nov. 10, according to Deadline.

As much as we were left cold by "Up in the Air," we love Reitman's small body of work. If you've never seen "Thank You for Smoking," rent it -- it's got a nice blend of funny/sweet/mean to it. As for Cody, "Juno" was great, but "Jennifer's Body" tanked -- the jury is still out on whether she's a one-hit wonder or an enduring talent. And then there's Theron, an absurdly sexy woman with serious chops when she's in the right environment, but the only thing on her filmography that required any kind of comedic skill would be "Hancock" or maybe "Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest."

The plot of "Young Adult" sounds a little done, but there should be more than enough talent on hand to make it work.

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