Fashion Week Preview: Celebrity Front Row Paychecks

What do celebrities allegedly get paid to sit front row? You'd be surprised.

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New York Fashion Week begins Thursday, and celebs will line the front rows of top shows. Not only are they getting coveted seats, but they're often making bank to fill them. Topping the payroll are the young-guns like Rihanna, who reportedly brings in $100K+ per show, according to Fashionista.
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Surprisingly, Beyonce comes in at second place behind Ri-Ri, commanding *only* $80K-$100K for every roughly 15-minute appearance along the runway, according to the fashion blog.
The Olsen twins are said to pull in $80K each, per show.
As of last season, Blake Lively evidently led the "B-List" at an alleged $50K, out-earning her on-screen frenemy and co-star Leighton Meester. It seems, however, that Anna Wintour, of all people, has taken Lively under her wing and is eying the starlet for a third Vogue cover, so her stock could be rising rapidly.
Leighton Meester trailed behind Blake Lively by a reported 10 grand as of last season's shows, however she still out-banks the other Gossip Girl cast members by about $15,000. Plus, her fashion cred has been steadily rising since the winter, so we'd be surprised if her numbers haven't risen.
Lindsay Lohan was a hot commodity in 2006, raking in a said $60,000 a pop--but as of 2010, she'd fallen to the blacklist. Now, with her recent stint in the slammer and, perhaps more importantly to the fashion set, her stint at Ungaro, we're thinking her front row memories, along with hopes of even getting in the door, are a thing of the past.
Paris Hilton has reportedly been placed on the free or uninvited list, and hasn't seemed to even spark the interest of the tabloids save for a recent cocaine arrest. In fact, before we even started writing this, we'd almost forgotten about her completely.
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Maybe because she sits front row and texts WHILE the runway show is happening?
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J.Lo, previously a fashion hot commodity (who could forget that green Versace dress?), has lost fashion house favor in the past five years. Her paycheck has been reportedly cut by about 40 percent. The star will take in a reported $30K per show in 2010.
Former teen queens Hilary Duff and Amanda Bynes are often spotted during Fashion Week. Bynes reportedly rakes in between $25 and $30K, while Duff, who had a recent arc on Gossip Girl, allegedly makes $40K per show.
Reality star Kim Kardashian rubbed elbows with Gabrielle Union and Ciara during the Spring 2010 shows, but the starlet makes only $35K - $50K per show. That's only $5K - 15K more than Amanda Bynes. We find it hard to believe that KK falls on the reported "C-List" anymore.
Colin Firth made only $5,000 per show before he starred in former designer Tom Ford's A Single Man. The film apparently gave the actor fashion cred, because he'll rake in a reported $15K per show this year.
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Colin Firth isn't the only man to cash in during Fashion Week. Duplicity star Clive Owen will bank a reported $10,000 per show.
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While actress Kristen Bell is reportedly a member of the fashion community's "B-List" (above Kim Kardashian on the "C-List"), she apparently isn't important enough to cash in. But the fashion houses are allegedly willing to pay for her transportation, clothing and make-up if she'll sit front row.
Doll House star Eliza Dushku has the same deal as Kristen Bell -- she reportedly receives free transportation, make-up and clothing - but she's on Fashionista's "C-List" instead of the "B-List."
Four-time Oscar nominee Julianne Moore starred in former fashion designer Tom Ford's A Single Man in 2009. If she shows up in the front rows this season, she'll reportedly earn $60K per show.
Actor-turned-musician Jared Leto could get a "modest" $25K per show, reportedly.
Maggie Gyllenhaal could cash in on her first Oscar nomination by receiving a reported $60,000 per show during Fashion Week.
Chloe Sevigny, star of HBO's Big Love and winner of this year's Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe, could earn a reported $60K per show this year.
Hoping to see the cast of Jersey Shore in the front row? Think again. Every member is reportedly on the "uninvited" list to most shows. We did spot J-Woww at the Kim Kardashian for Bebe show last season, however, so one can never be sure.
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