Fall TV Preview: CBS

As the new fall TV season approaches, we'll be breaking down each networks new offerings, looking at the shows we're most excited, the ones the suits are most excited about and the one we're most eager to see once another show gets canceled. Today we look at CBS:

The CBS Fall 2011 Line-up:

The sitcom that blends the most tropes and trends
2 Broke Girls, 9/19
Kat Dennings is a blue-collar Brooklyn girl slinging hash at a Williamsburg diner, Beth Behrs plays a spoiled rich girl whose family has just lost everything. Would you believe they become co-workers, friends, roommates and business partners all in 22 minutes? They're gonna sell cupcakes!

Show testing fans' love by replacing the lead
Two and a Half Men, 9/19
Far too much oxygen was burned up this summer following the shenanigans of erstwhile star Charlie Sheen as he engaged in a public feud with the show's creator, Chuck Lorre, a fight that led to Sheen being replaced by Ashton Kutcher. Those who prefer to show their solidarity with Sheen rather than watch the premiere can watch him get roasted on Comedy Central.

Show with the most pedigree behind it
Person of Interest, 9/22
JJ Abrams producing a show created by Jonathan Nolan will always get our attention--this one stars Michael Emerson ("Lost") as a genius billionaire who invents a computer thant can predict crimes, and he hires Jim Caviezel to stop them--think "Minority Report" meets "Charlie's Angels."

 Show about a ghost
A Gifted Man
Patrick Wilson stars as a world-class brain surgeon who is visited one night by his ex-wife, but the next day he learns that she'd died days earlier. And then she keeps coming back, appealing to his better angles at every turn--think "The Ghost and Dr. Muir."

Mid-season replacement we're a little embarrassed to be curious about
How to Be a Gentleman
Kevin Dillon was the unheralded secret weapon on "Entourage," essentially playing himself: the older, less talented, less handsome, less successful brother of a famous actor. Now he's playing opposite David Hornsby in sitcom about the friendship between an uptight magazine writer and a meathead gym owner. Co-stars Dave Foley, Mary Lynn Rajskub and Rhys Darby.

The complete fall line-up, with new shows in bold:

8:00pm - How I Met Your Mother
8:30 - 2 Broke Girls
9:00 - Two and a Half Men
9:30 - Mike & Molly
10:00pm - Hawaii 5-0


8:00pm - NCIS
9:00 - NCIS LA
10:00pm – Unforgettable

8:00pm - Survivor
9:00pm - Criminal Minds
10:00pm - CSI

8:00pm - The Big Bang Theory
8:30pm - How to Be a Gentleman
9:00pm - Person of Interest
10:00pm - The Mentalist

8:00pm - A Gifted Man
9:00pm - CSI: NY
10:00pm - Blue Bloods

8:00pm - Rules of Engagement
8:30 - Comedy re-runs
9:00 - Drama re-runs

8:15pm - 48 Hours Mystery

7:00pm - 60 Minutes
8:00pm - The Amazing Race
9 pm - The Good Wife
10:00pm - CSI Miami

PopcornBiz will be posting previews of all four major networks this week. Check out our Fall TV Preview: NBC, Fall TV Preview: ABC, and stay tuned for and Fox, coming soon.

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