Cameron Diaz Thinks Marriage Is A Dying Institution

When it comes to marriage, Cameron Diaz isn't a very traditional woman.

In a new interview in Maxim's June Hot 100 issue, the actress was asked if she thinks marriage is a dying institution, Cameron responded, "I do."

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"I think we have to make our own rules," she explained. "I don't think we should live our lives in relationships based off of old traditions that don't suit our world any longer."

Cameron remained tight-lipped on her relationship with New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez, but when told that she and A-Rod look very happy together, she responded, "Yeah, it's really awesome."

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Although she said she loves baseball, she admitted her favorite sport is sex.

The actress stars in this summer's "Bad Teacher" with Jason Segal and her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake, who she had to film an onscreen sex scene with.

"You have to have the right clothing—you don't want anything rough that causes chafing," she said, while giving tips for an "effective dry hump."

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As for her real life, she said, "One should dry hump as much as possible. It leads to great things," she said.

Cameron also spilled her girl crushes and what she thinks makes a woman hot.

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"Mila Kunis is a little hottie," she admitted. "Natalie Portman is amazing… and the Victoria's Secret girls!"

"Women who know who they are and are confident are the sexiest," Cameron explained. "I don't find women who are looking for people's approval to be sexy. I mean, it's easy to seduce, but to be truly attractive, to bring people in and be sexy, I think that comes from the inside."

The 38-year-old also shared her relationships tips for guys and said that flossing is important in a kissing partner.

"Guys need women who challenge them and don't let them get away with their s***. Women, conversely, need to not be crazy bitches who blow up when their guys tell them something that scares them," she said.

She told the mag that her nightmare kissing partner would be "anybody who doesn't floss, and you can tell," she said. "And, yes, Tom Cruise flosses."

Cameron also 'fessed up to the first thing she notices in a guy: hands.

"I like strong, manly hands that look like they know how to handle a woman," she said.

"Bad Teacher" hits in theaters on June 24.

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